Growing Cannabis Outdoors – RQS Blog

A lot of cultivators prefer growing cannabis indoors due to the increased control over the plant’s environment it allows. But outdoor plantations will always have distinct characteristics that certain growers can’t get enough of. The first, most obvious advantage to outdoor growing is the unlimited vertical space and significant Continue Reading

Simple Steps for Outdoor Growers

About the Authors We have been outdoor growers since 1980 and have had relatively small yearly harvests every year since 1983. We have grown Indica and Sativa strains and also hybrids (mixing the two together). Our horticulture has taken place largely in fields in New York and New Jersey. The Continue Reading

8 Ways to Grow Medical Marijuana

Choosing your Strain Setting Up a Grow Room or Tent Cultivating Marijuana Indoors Cultivating Marijuana Using Hydroponics Cultivating Marijuana Outdoors Harvesting and Processing Your Crop Understanding the Legality of Growing Marijuana for Personal Use Determining if You Can Grow Marijuana For Sale Show 5 more… Show less… Questions & Answers Continue Reading